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We host our workshops, retreats and events at our beautiful, secluded Follow Your Heart-Magnificent Me Creativity Center location, or our staff can also bring customized programs to your site.

Each of our workshops or retreats and creative projects are designed to help the participants with:

Self Direction

Envisioning and Reflecting

Inventing and Discovering

Inspiration to Create

Relate and Connect to Self

One Heart, One Mind, One Spirit...Join the ONE and Be a Gift Giver to help a child explore and develop their creativity.

Be compassionate and understanding of others and grow to be confident in trust of self, and self responsibility in using their unique creativity to benefit themselves and their communities.

Below are a few of our Creative Art Programs with specific guidance to create to discoverself and gain a sense of community oneness.

My Life As a Colorful Garden

Within this creative program the participants are encouraged to see the value of their existence through a more beautiful perspective, while developing a greater appreciation for nature, themselves; as well as learn how they play a significant role in the bigger picture of their families and communities.

The participants are guided to imagine themselves as one of the many things that make up the garden; a frog, a flower, bird, butterfly, or water features, etc. What would they see? What would it feel like? What sounds would they hear? What would they smell? How do they relate to the other things in the garden? How does their role in the garden benefit the garden as a whole.

As not to limit their individual expressive nature; we encourage them to try the different tools and painting techniques explaining they will be creating thier paintings in the style of their choice using different materials.

When the paintings are complete we mount the finished paintings next to each other so that the workshop walls are transformed into a large community garden scene.

Then they are encouraged to share how their individual role in the colorful garden not only benefits their garden but the larger community garden as a whole. How is this garden enhanced because of the role you play in it, as a ____________?
How does your role in the garden assist the other members of the garden, the plants, flowers, animals etc,?


A Tapestry of Feelings

Representing an Individual Life and feelings integrated into the community where each participant learns about themselvs and gains a better understanding of the others.

Art can tell a personal story?
Images can tell us a great deal about people, places, and events. In this program the participants create their own symbol and then combine it with those of their group to tell a collective story.

The participants choose a symbol from multiple suggestions to represent their feelings about who they are in the present and what is important to them. They can also choose a symbol that represents who they were five years ago, or as they might be five years from now.

Then they apply their symbol to a fabric panel using markers, paint, or other art materials with a border around it, as it will become part of the group's quilt.

They exchange panels with a group mate and write in their journal about what they think or feel his or her symbol means. They are prompted to write with questions. What does it tell you about your group mate? How does your previous knowledge of the person help you analyze it? They are also encouraged to ask questions of each other in order to gain insight and help your writing.

All the panels are combined to create a quilt.

The participants share their discovery and understanding of one another and this can be combined into a story book about all the wonderful individuals that make up the group, community etc.

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A Tapestry of Feelings cont.

This programis also used for a specific person in need, especially a child that may be suffering from an illness. That individuals panel would be created by him or her (if possible) and located at the center of the quilt, surrounded by the others symbols representing how they as an individual will support the child in need.

This instills within the participant a greater understanding of and compassion for someone who may be suffering while empowering them with the knowingness, despite their age or place in life; they have a way to help.

The panels are combined into a quilt that is gifted to the child in need.

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